Eastern Mojave Vegetation Nevada Highway 264  

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Home Page  Nevada Highway 264 goes south from U. S. Highway 6 through the Fish Lake Valley to California Highway 266 near Oasis.

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• U. S. Highway 6:   at NV State Route 264;  

Junction: U. S. Highway 6.
  The portion of Nevada State Route 264 from here south is known as the "Dicalite Cutoff."

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- Lee, J., Stockli, D., Schroeder, J., Tincher, C., Bradley, D., Owen, L., Gosse, J., Finkel, R., and Garwood, J., 2006.  

About 1 mile south of US Highway 6, and at the top of the hill to the west, is Field Trip Stop 6: Central Segment of Coaldale Fault of Lee, et al., 2006.

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• Field Notes:  26 May 2004;

Locations: Fish Lake Valley.
Full Size ImageFish Lake Valley from the north.  

Locations: Volcanic Hills.
Full Size ImageVolcanic Hills from Highway 264.  

View of the Volcanic Hills northeast of Nevada State Route 264.

Full Size ImageOutcrop of Esmeralda Formation in northern Fish Lake Valley  
View of the Esmeralda Formation cropping out just south of Nevada State Route 773.

Full Size ImageLocation that Bailey's Greasewood was found.
Full Size ImageBailey's Greasewood (Sarcobatus baileyi) in northern Fish Lake Valley.  
Bailey's Greasewood (Sarcobatus baileyi) on a basalt flow in northern Fish Lake Valley.
  The portion of Nevada State Route 264 from here north is known as the "Dicalite Cutoff."

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Junction: Nevada Highway 773.

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Junction: No Name Road to The Crossing.



Fish Lake Valley




Locations: Dyer.  



Literature Cited:
- Frankel, Kurt L., et al., 2008.

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• Furnace Creek Road:   at NV SR 264;  

Junction: Furnace Creek Road

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Junction: California Highway 266, south to Oasis and California Highway 168.
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