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Home Page  Potosi Mountain Road starts at its north end as a fine county-maintained graded road. Once over Potosi Pass, you come to the end of the county maintained road, and it becomes just another unmaintained desert road. I've assumed that the road can continue to be called Potosi Mountain Road from the end of the county-maintained portion all the way to Kingston Road, NV State Scenic Route 53. The total distance is 14 miles.

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Junction: NV Hwy 160

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• Frasera albomarginata:   near Potosi Mountain;  

I have collected Frasera albomarginata along Potosi Mountain Road.
  Potosi Pass



Locations: Potosi Spring.  

Potosi Spring


Literature Cited:
- Cooper, John D., 1987.

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Locations: Goodsprings. Potosi Mountain. Potosi Valley.  

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Northern Potosi Valley.
Northern Potosi Valley

Potosi Valley, located in the southern Spring Mountains approximately 30 mi (48 km) southwest of Las Vegas, Nevada, exhibits a well-exposed section of the lower Paleozoic Goodsprings Dolomite of Hewett (1931). The best section is exposed on the west side of northern Potosi Valley in the east face of a 4-mi- (6.4-km-) long strike ridge containing a 3,300 ft (1,000 m +) thick succession of Middle Cambrian through Middle to Upper Devonian carbonate rocks. These strata provide an instructive look at the Cordilleran craton-margin to miogeoclinal transition sequence comprising part of an allochthonous assemblage in the upper plate of the Keystone thrust. This accessible area has much to offer the student interested in Great Basin stratigraphy, sedimentology, and structure (Cooper1987).

  Junction a road heads east and then splits, one branch exploring each exploring canyons deep in the flanks of Potosi Mountain.

Full Size ImageView looking south in Potosi Valley.  
  Wash crossing
  Junction: Road to Green Monster Mine and Sandy Valley

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Junction: Kingston Road, also known as Nevada State Scenic Route 53.
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