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• Interstate 70:   at US 24;  

Junction: US Interstate 70, just below Vail, turn east for Vail, or west for Glenwood Springs and Grand Junction.



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• Field Notes:   26 Jul 2018;

Locations: Minturn.
Full Size ImageThe Turntable Restaurant in Minturn  


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D&RGW yard in Minturn.
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Downtown Minturn
Minturn was developed primarily as a railroad town in the late 1800s. The Rio Grande railroad line extended across the state of Colorado and Minturn was an important railroad division point. Railroad workers from around the country settled in Minturn, where they installed extra engines in railroad cars for more power over steep mountain passes.



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• Field Notes:   26 Jul 2018;

Locations: Gilman.  


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Gilman and the Eagle Mine.
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Gilman and the Eagle Mine.
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Gilman is an abandoned mining town in southeastern Eagle County, Colorado, United States. Founded in 1886 during the Colorado Silver Boom, the town later became a center of lead and zinc mining in Colorado, centered on the now-flooded Eagle Mine. The station on the D&RGW along the Eagle River below was named Belden.



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• Field Notes:   26 Jul 2018;

Locations: Red Cliff.
Full Size ImageEagle Street in Red Cliff  

Red Cliff

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Water Street in Red Cliff
Red Cliff is off of US Highway 24 to the east. The town is a former mining camp situated in the canyon of the upper Eagle River just off U.S. Highway 24 north of Tennessee Pass. It was founded in 1879 during the Colorado Silver Boom by miners from Leadville who came over Tennessee Pass scouting for better prospects. The name derives from the red quartzite cliffs surrounding the town. As the first community in the Eagle Valley, it served temporarily as the first county seat of Eagle County.

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• Forest Road 703:   at US 24;  

Junction: Forest Road 703, southwest up Homestake Creek to Homestake Reservoir.

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• Forest Road 705:  10000;  

Junction: Forest Road 705 “No Name Road,” leads eventually to Wurtz Ditch and back to US Highway 24.




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• Field Notes:   26 Jul 2018;

Locations: Camp Hale.
Full Size ImageCamp Hale.  

Camp Hale

Camp Hale, between Red Cliff and Leadville in the Eagle River valley in Colorado, was a U.S. Army training facility constructed in 1942 for what became the 10th Mountain Division. It was named for General Irving Hale and was at an elevation of 9,200 feet (2,800 m) above sea level. Onslow S. Rolfe, who had developed mountain warfare techniques as commander of the 87th Mountain Infantry Regiment, was selected to command Camp Hale. Soldiers were trained in mountain climbing, Alpine and Nordic skiing, cold-weather survival as well as various weapons and ordnance. When it was in full operation, approximately 15,000 soldiers were housed there.

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• Forest Road 101:   at US Hwy 24;
• Colorado Trans-Basin Water Transfer:   Ewing Ditch;

Locations: Burton Ditch.  

Junction: Forest Road 101 “Tennesee Pass Road”, to Cooper Hill Ski Area, and Ewing (Burton) Ditch.



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• Field Notes:   25 Jul 2018;

Locations: Tennessee Pass.
Full Size ImageTennessee Pass  

Tennessee Pass

The Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad constructed a narrow gauge railroad over Tennessee Pass in 1881 as part of their extension to the Aspen area in order to beat the Colorado Midland's standard gauge route to the rich mining area. In 1890, a new standard gauge line was built from Pueblo, to Grand Junction, and jointly with the Colorado Midland Railway, a tunnel was constructed about 200 ft (61 m) below the summit. In 1945, the old Tennessee Pass Tunnel was replaced by a newer tunnel. In recent times, the Rio Grande's Tennessee Pass line was the highest active mainline railroad mountain pass in the United States. The line, now owned by the Union Pacific Railroad, is currently embargoed (the tracks are out of service but still in place).

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• County Road 21:   at US Hwy 24;
• Field Notes:   25 Jul 2018;
Full Size ImageEast portal of the Tennessee Pass Tunnel  

Junction: County Road 21, northeast to the Tennessee Pass Tunnel.

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• Field Notes:   26 Jul 2018;

Locations: Crane Park.
Full Size ImageCrane Park where we saw a moose cow and two calves.  

Crane Park


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• Forest Road 100:   at US 24;  

Junction: Forest Road 100 “Meadow Drive,” a.k.a. County Road 19, generally west in the direction of Wurtz (Wurts) Ditch.

Locations: West Tennessee Creek.  

Cross West Tennessee Creek.

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• Field Notes:   25 Jul 2018;

Locations: Tennessee Park.
Full Size ImageView southwest in Tennessee Park  

Tennessee Park

As near as I can tell, nothing of note occurred in Tennessee Park.

Full Size Image
View northwest of Tennessee Park.

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• County Road 18:   at US 24;  

Junction: County Road 18 “East Tennessee Road”

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• Forest Road 109:   at US 24;  

Junction: Forest Road 109

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• CO Highway 91:   near Leadville;  

Junction: Colorado Highway 91

Colorado Highway 91 ascends Fremont Pass along the East Fork Arkansas River to the Climax Molybdenum Mine and then descends Tenmile Creek to Wheeler Junction, now most commonly known as the Copper Mountain Ski Area.

  County Road 17, Mountain View Drive.
  15th Street
  14th Street.
  13th Street.
  12th Street.
  11th Street.
  10th Street.
  Poplar Street, Highway 24 follows north northwest.
  East 9th Street, Highway 24 follows east north east.



Locations: Leadville.  


Leadville City Hall, on Harrison street, between 8th Street and 9th Street.
  8th Street

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• County Route 3:   at Harrison;  

7th Street, becomes County Route 3.

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• Field Notes:   24 Jul 2018;
Full Size ImageDowntown Leadville
Full Size ImageDowntown Leadville  

6th Street, traffic signal

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• County Road 1:   at US 24;  

Intersection: 5th Street, to the east becomes County Route 1.

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• Field Notes:   24 Jul 2018;
Full Size ImageHow Leadville solves the neighborhood parking problem.  

4th Street

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• Field Notes:  8 August 2019;
Full Size ImageA visit to Leadville's legendary Silver Dollar Saloon.  

Leadville Historic District
  3rd Street
  2nd Street

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• Monroe Street:   at US 24;  

Monroe Street, access to County Route 2.
  Highway curves southeast.

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• County Road 4:   at US Hwy 24;  

Junction: County Road 4 “McWethy Drive”, to Turquoise Lake.

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• Colorado Highway 300:   at US 24;  

Junction: Colorado State Highway 300, west to the Leadville National Fish Hatchery.

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• Weston Pass Road:   at US 24;  

Junction: Lake County Road 7 “Weston Pass Road”, south, then east over Weston Pass.

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• Field Notes:   24 Jul 2018;
Full Size ImageRoadside Interpretive Panel.  

Interpretive panel at narrows along the Arkansas River.

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• CO-82:   at US 24;  

Junction: Colorado State Highway 82, west to Independence Pass, then Aspen, and Glenwood Springs.
  Lake County above
Chaffee County below



Locations: Granite.  


Situated between the Mosquito and the Sawatch mountain ranges, Granite is a high mountain town located on the Arkansas River midway between Leadville to the north, and Buena Vista to the south. It is in close proximity to the second and third highest peaks in the contiguous United States, Mount Elbert and Mount Massive. The town has a rich history from its days during the Pike's Peak Gold Rush, when it began as a mining camp and quickly boomed into a city of 3,000, holding the county seat. Early prospectors, such as Horace Tabor, were attracted to the area.

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• Colorado Trans-Basin Water Transfer:   Otero Pump Station and Pipeline;  

Otero Pumping Plant

East of the highway is the Otero Pumping Plant. It takes water from the Arkansas River and pumps it over Trout Creek Pass. Half the water is delivered to Spinney Mountain Reservoir for use by the City of Aurora. The remaining half continues in the pipeline to Ramparts Reservoir for the City of Colorado Springs.

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• Field Notes:  5 Aug 2019;

Locations: Elephant Rock.
Full Size ImageElephant Rock across from Jumpin' Good Goat Dairy.  




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• County Road 306:   at US Hwy 24;

Locations: Buena Vista.
Full Size ImageMount Princeton west of Buena Vista  

Buena Vista

Full Size Image
Midland Hill east of Buena Vista
Full Size Image
Repurposed building with sporting goods and a yummy caf e.
Junction: West and East Main Street, downtown Buena Vista.

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• Golden Checklist Flora:  Notes on Packera tridenticulata, Rydberg, 1900;

Locations: Cottonwood Creek.  

Cross Cottonwood Creek

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• US Highway 285:   at US 24 W;  

Junction: US Highway 285, south.



Trout Creek Pass


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• US Highway 285:   at US 24 E;  

Junction: US Highway 285, north.

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• CO Highway 9:   at US 24 W;  

Junction: Colorado Highway 9, north.

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• CO Highway 9:   at US 24 E;  

Junction: Colorado Highway 9, south.



Locations: South Park.  

“South Park”

The flat commonly known as “South Park,” although the Board of Geographic Names does not accept that name for this flat.



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• Teller County Road 1:   at US 24;

Locations: Florissant.  


Junction: Teller County Road 1, south to Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument.


Locations: Ute Pass.  

Ute Pass

Named for an ancient Ute Indian route which extended from South Park through Manitou Springs to the plains.






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• US Interstate 25:   at US 24;  

Colorado Springs

Junction: US Interstate 25
  Colorado above
Kansas below
  Kansas above
Missouri below
  Missouri above
Illinois below
  Illinois above
Indiana below
  Indiana above
Ohio below
  Ohio above
Michigan below
  Junction: US Interstate 75, near Clarkston, MI, east end of highway.
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