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• US Highway 160:   near TeecNosPos;  

Teec Nos Pos

Junction: US Highway 160
  Arizona above …
New Mexico below …



Literature Cited:
- Heil, Kenneth D., Steve L. O’Kane, Jr., and Arnold Clifford, 2002.

Other articles:
• Frasera albomarginata:   in New Mexico;

Locations: Beclabito.  


Frasera albomarginata has been collected about 1 1/2 miles north of Beclabito.

Other articles:
• US Highway 491:   at US Hwy 64 West;  

Junction: US Highway 491, in Shiprock. The highways travel concurrently through Shiprock.



Other articles:
• US Highway 491:   in Shiprock;  


Junction: US Highway 491 North





Other articles:
• US Hwy 550:   in Blomfield;  

Junction: US Highway 550, south, in Bloomfield. The highways travel comcurrently through Bloomfield.



Locations: Bloomfield.  



Other articles:
• US Hwy 550:   in Bloomfield;  

Junction: US Highway 550, "N. 1st Street", north.

Locations: Potter Canyon.  

  • County Road 4800, turn north for County Road 4903 and Potter Canyon.
  • County Road 4901, south.

Taking Rd 4800, then Rd 4903 gives access to Potter Canyon,which may also be a location of Frasera albomarginata.

  Cross Potter Canyon wash.





Other articles:
• US Highway 84:   at US 64 W;  

Junction: US Highway 84, east of Monero. The highways travel concurrently to south-southwest of Tierra Amarilla.

Other articles:
• Colorado and New Mexico Highway 17:   at US 64, 84;  

Junction: NM Highway 17, north to Chama, and then into the San Luis Valley as Colorado State Highway 17.

Other articles:
• US Highway 84:   at US 64 E;  

Junction: US Highway 84, south of Tierra Amarilla, continuing south to Abiquiu

Other articles:
• US Highway 285:   at US 64;  

Junction: US Highway 285, in Tres Piedras.

Other articles:
• Field Notes:  20160618020;  25 Oct 2019;

Locations: Rio Grande. Rio Grande Gorge Bridge.
Full Size ImageBridge over Rio Grande River.  

Full Size Image
Rio Grande Gorge Bridge
Full Size Image
Rafters on the Rio Grande River below the bridge.
Rio Grande Gorge Bridge

Other articles:
• Paseo del Pueblo Norte:   at US 64;  

Junction: Paseo Del Pueblo Norte, north to Taos Pueblo.

Other articles:
• State Road 68:   at US 64;  

  • US Highway 64, NM State Road 522, Pueblo Road, north to Taos Pueblo.
  • NM State Road 68, Paseo del Pueblo Sur, south to Ranchos de Taos
  • US Highway 64, Kit Carson Road, east to Raton.
  • Don Fernando St., N. Plaza, west to Taos Plaza.



Other articles:
• Field Notes:  Saturday, June 18th;

Locations: Taos.  



Other articles:
• US Interstate 25:  Raton;  

Junction: US Interstate 25, US Highway 85, south of Raton. The highways travel concurrently to Raton.
  Junction: US Interstate 25, US Highway 85, US Highway 87, in Raton. US 64/US 87 travel concurrently to Clayton.
  Junction: US Highway 56, US Highway 87, US Highway 412, in Clayton. US 56/US 64 travel concurrently yo east-northeast of Boise City, Oklahoma. US 64/US 412 travel concurrently to Guymon.
  New Mexico above …
Oklahoma below …
  Oklahoma above …
Arkansas below …
  Arkansas above …
Tennessee below …
  Tennessee above …
North Carolina below …
  Junction: US Highway 158, in Nags Head.
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