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Home Page  US Interstate 84 has a western segment and an eastern segment.

Interstate 84 (I-84) is an Interstate Highway in the Western United States that runs from Portland, Oregon, to a junction with Interstate 80 near Echo, Utah. The highway originally served as a fork of I-80 to serve the Pacific Northwest, and was originally numbered Interstate 80N.

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Exit 1: US Interstate 5


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Locations: Rooster Rock (historical).
Full Size ImageInterpretive panel at Rooster Rock State Park  

Rooster Rock State Park

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Rooster Rock
Exit 25: Rooster Rock State Park

Lewis and Clark Expedition

Rooster Rock

Meriwether Lewis and William Clark, the two great American explorers who made secure the claim of the United States for the Oregon country, passed along this stretch of the Columbia River with their Corps of Discovery on their way to the Pacific Ocean on October 31 -- November 2, 1805. They brought their boats through the “Great Shute” (now covered by the waters of Bonneville Dam) and recorded “a remarkable high detached rock stands in a bottom on the stard side ... [it is] 800 feet high and 400 paces around, we call [it] the beaten rock.” A later journal entry called it Beacon Rock.

The captains described “great numbers of sea otters” and “a high clift of black rocks” (Cape Horn) on the north shore. Clark wrote “here the river widens to near a mile, and the bottoms are more extensive and thickly timbered, as also the high mountains on each side ... passed a rock near the middle of the river, about 100 feet high and 80 feet diameter [Phoca Rock] ... we encamped under a high projecting rock on the lard [Rooster Rock].”

The expedition camped in this area April 6-9, 1806, on their return journey. They noted that Beacon Rock “may be esteemed the head of tidewater.”


Hood River

Exit 63: 2nd Street, exit for downtown Hood River.

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Locations: Pendleton.  



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Locations: Bliue Mountains.  

Exit 243: Summit Road, NF-301

The highway crosses a low pass through the Blue Mountains

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Full Size ImageWelcome to Idaho.  

Oregon above

Idaho below

  Exit 3: US Highway 95, north to Weiser, or south to Parma. Also nearby access to US Highway 30.

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Exit 26: US Highway 20, US Highway 26, exit here and go northwest through Nyssa, then turn west into Oregon.
  Exit 27: Centennial Way
  Exit 28: N. 10th Avenue

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Exit 29: Franklin Road. US Highways 20 and 26 East exit here to Boise.



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Locations: Boise.  


  Exit 53: Vista Avenue, for the airport.

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Exit 54: US Highway 20, US Highway 26, Broadway Ave.

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Idaho Highway 21, E. Gowen Rd.

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Exit 90: Old US Hwy 30, Bus I-84, into Mountain Home.



Mountain Home


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US Highway 20 is concurrent with I-84 west to Caldwell where, with US Hwy 26, it diverges through Oregon.

Exit 95: US Highway 20 north than east across Camas Prairie.

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Exit 141:
  • US Highway 26, northeast and southeast to join I-15 at Blackfoot.
  • US Highway 30, south turning east to rejoin I-84 near Burley.

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  • East 2950 South “Hagerman Highway”, west to US Highway 30.
  • East 2950 South, Idaho 46 Spur, West Main Street, east to Wendell.





  • Idaho Highway 46, South Idaho Street, into Wendell.

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Exit 173: US Highway 93, south to Twin Falls, or north to Shoshone.

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Junction: US Highway 30, following a route closer to the Snake River.

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Junction: US Interstate 86, east to US I-15 at Pocatello, Idaho.

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Junction: US Interstate 86, east to US I-15 at Pocatello, Idaho.


Sweetzer Summit

Elevation: 5525 feet.

Snake River drainage above. Great Salt Lake Drainage below.


Exit 263: 38000W, Juniper Road


Juniper Rest Area


Idaho above

Utah below

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Locations: Morgan Valley.
Full Size ImageMountains ahead on US I-84.  

Morgan Valley


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Junction: US Interstate 80

End of western segment.

  US Interstate 84 West above

US Interstate 84 East below
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