Eastern Mojave Vegetation Eagle Ridge Drive, Golden, Jefferson County, Colorado  

Tom Schweich  

Home Page  Loops around west of Heritage Road.

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• Crawford Street:   at Eagle Ridge;  

Eagle Ridge Drive continues south as Crawford Street.
  Intersection: Golden Eagle Circle
  Intersection: Eagle Nest Court, Golden Eagle Circle
  Intersection: Blue Jay Drive
  Intersection: Mourning Dove Lane

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• Field Notes:   23 Oct 2014;   8 May 2021;   13 Sep 2023;

Locations: Stonebridge Homeowners Association.
Full Size ImageEpilobium hirsutum in fall after being sprayed.  

Full Size Image
Deadman Gulch passing through Eagle Ridge Park.
Full Size Image
Epilobium hirsutum in early spring.
Eagle Ridge Park. This is also the approximate center of the Stonebridge HOA open space lands.

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• Field Notes:   23 Oct 2014;

Locations: Deadman Gulch.
Full Size ImageDeadman Gulch from Eagle Ridge Drive  

Cross Deadman Gulch
  Intersection: Marston Trail
  Intersection: Brown Squirrel Lane
  Intersection: Shelton Road

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• Field Notes:  20 Jun 2020;
Full Size ImageTrail to Survey Field from Eagle Ridge Drive.  

  Intersection: Rabbit Run Drive
  Intersection: Fox Hollow Lane

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• Kinney Run Trail:   at Eagle Ridge;  

Spur to: Kinney Run Bicycle Trail
  Cross Kinney Run.
  Intersection: Somerset Drive
  Intersection: Entrada Drive

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• Cty Rd 93:   at Eagle Ridge;  

Intersection: Heritage Road
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