Eastern Mojave Vegetation Jefferson County Road 93, Hogback Road and Heritage Road  

Tom Schweich  

Home Page  From US I-70 to downtown Morrison

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• Jefferson County Parkway:   at 6th;
• U. S. Highway 6:   at Heritage;  

Junction: US Highway 6, or continue straight for Jefferson County Parkway.
  Intersection: Golden Ridge Road

Other articles:
• Eagle Ridge Drive:   at Heritage;  

Intersection: Eagle Ridge Drive
  Intersection: West 4th Avenue

Other articles:
• Kimball Avenue:   at Heritage;  

Intersection: Kimball Avenue
  Intersection: Berthoud Way
  Golden Fire Station 4

Locations: Apex Gulch.  

Cross Apex Gulch

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• Apex Trail:  at trailhead;
• Golden Checklist Flora:  Apex Park;

Locations: Apex Park.  

Entrance to Apex Park, Trailheads for Apex Trail and Kinney Run Trail.

  Cross Lena Gulch ?

Other articles:
• US Hwy 40:   at Heritage Rd;  

Junction: US Highway 40, West Colfax Avenue

Locations: Heritage Square.  

Junction: Heritage Road, access to Heritage Square.

Locations: Dinosaur Ridge (north). Tin Cup Ridge.  

Also called Tin Cup Ridge locally
  Specifications Quarry

Locations: Golden.  

Golden above

Other articles:
• Golden Checklist Flora:   Tin Cup Ridge;
• Tin Cup Ridge (social trail):   at pkg lot;
• US Hwy 40:   at CR 93;  

Junction: US Highway 40, west, up Mount Vernon Canyon, to Cabrini Shrine.

Entrance to T-Rex Park and Ride Parking Lot.

Other articles:
• Interstate 70:   at Cty Rd 93;  

Junction: US Interstate 70


Other articles:
• Dakota Ridge Trail:   at trailhead;  

Stegosaurus Parking Lot

Trailhead: Dakota Ridge Trail



Other articles:
• Golden Checklist Flora:  Pediocactus simpsonii;

Locations: Matthews/Winters Park. Mount Vernon.  

Matthews / Winters Park

Location of ghost town of Mount Vernon.

  Parking west side of road.

Locations: Dinosaur Ridge.  

Dinosaur Ridge to the east.

Other articles:
• Alameda Avenue:   at Cty 93;  

Junction: West Alameda Parkway
  Junction: Red Rocks Park Road
  Junction: Stone Street, southbound traffic turns right here.
  Junction: Market Street

Other articles:
• C-8:   at Cty 93;  

Junction: Colorado Highway 8, Morrison Road
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