Eastern Mojave Vegetation Interpretive panel for Powderhorn Valley.  


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  Colorado, Gunnison County, Powderhorn
Photographed 18 September 2017.

The BGN accepts Powderhorn as a valid name, but not Powderhorn Valley.

The interpretive panel is at the intersection of Colorado State Highway 149 and County Road 28.

Powderhorn Valley

Powderhorn Valley was named by mountain men and fur trappers because the shape of the valley resembles a bison horn that would have been used to keep gunpowder dry.

The Post Office in Powderhorn Valley was established in 1876 when the valley was settled by ranch families looking for lush grassland to support cattle. In the early years, Powderhorn Valley supplied beef and potatoes that fed the hungry miners and most of the hay for the horses, mules, and burros that worked in the mines in the mountains above Lake City.

For years, families shopped at Youman's store. Everything in the store was behind the counter and customers had to ask for needed items. Household goods, including fabric, nails, flour, and seed were available only in bulk and needed to tbe measured or weighed at the time goods were sold.

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