Eastern Mojave Vegetation Coll. No. 283, Gilia ophthalmoides  


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  Polemoniaceae Gilia ophthalmoides
Scanned 4 Jan 2014.

Coll. No. 283, 24 April 2001, characters observed: Annual, to 10 cm.; Leaves, mostly basal, much reduced above, basal deeply pinnately lobed, cobwebby hairs, lobes bristle-tipped, cauline alternate, not clasping or expanded at base; Pedicel slightly glandular, adjacent pedicels unequal; Calyx membraneous between lobes, few glands and hairs, lobes not bristle-tipped; Corolla, tube 7 mm. + yellow throat 2 mm. + lobes 3 mm. = 12 mm.; Stamens, slightly exserted, not exceeding lobes; Fruit, ovoid, 4.5 mm.

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