Eastern Mojave Vegetation Coll. No. 1581, Ericameria linearifolia  


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  Asteraceae Ericameria linearifolia
Scanned 31 October 2017.

Coll. No. 1581, 18 April 2017, characters observed: Low-growing perennial subshrub, to 15 cm., woody at base; Twigs, green-striate, glandular-punctate, becoming white-scaly with age; Leaves, alternate, subsessile, 20 mm. × 2 mm. wide, margins rolled, glandular punctate, few white hairs, becoming white-scaly in age; Inflorescence, heads borne singly; Involucre, 10 mm. × 15 mm wide; Phyllaries, 2+ series, graduated, 6-10 mm. × 1.5-1.8 mm wide, base thick, center green, mid-vein prominent, short-stalked glandular, margin variously chartaceous entire to irregularly small-toothed; Receptacle, epaleate; Pappus, 1 series of bristles, 6 mm.; Rays, fertile, #6-8, tube 5 mm. + blade 12 mm. × 3.6 mm. wide, yellow; Disc flowers, #18-20, yellow; Style, stigma 0.7 mm., appendage 1.0 mm.; Cypsela, 4 mm., hairy. The phyllaries of this collection vary from the Jepson (2012) key and description by virtue of being graduated in size and much variation in the phyllary margins. I don't see any reason to think this might be a hybrid with E. cooperi.

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