Eastern Mojave Vegetation Coll. No. 1743.5, Symphyotrichum ericoides  


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  Asteraceae Symphyotrichum ericoides
Photographed 3 October 2017.

Perennial, woody at base, stems ascending, to 40 cm., spreading vegetatively, short hairy and minutely glandular throughout; Leaves, alternate, sessile, narrowly lanceolate or oblong, 7-9 mm. × 1.5 mm. wide, entire, strigose, tip, small white spine; Heads, borne singly along stem, occasionally 2 per stem, on leafy pedicels; Flowers, of 2 kinds; Involucre, 4 mm. × 5 mm. wide, bell-shaped; Phyllaries, 2+ series, 3-4 mm. × 0.7-0.8 mm. wide, white below with 1 brown or green vein, rhomboid green above, tip with very small spine; Receptacle, epaleate; Rays, corolla, white, tube 2 mm + ligule 5.0-6.5 mm., fertile; Disc flowers, corolla, yellow, tube 3.5 mm. + lobes 0.5 mm., (some?) lobes reddish; Pappus, bristles, fine, barbelate, 4 mm.; Cypsela, 1 mm. (Described from Coll. No. 1558, 3 September 2016 and Coll. No. 1743.5, 23 August 2017).

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