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Locations: Lanfair.  


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"Lanfair #1"
  • Cedar Canyon Road
  • Ivanpah Road
  • Road to Fort Piute

Literature Cited:
- Thompson, David G., 1919.

Locations: Lanfair.  

David Thompson (1919) wrote about Lanfair, "During the last two or three years many settlers have taken up homesteads in this valley, most of them near Lanfair, and have been attempting to raise crops by dry farming. In the fall of 1917 more than 130 registered voters were living here. There was a small store at Lanfair, at which groceries, gasoline, and oil could be obtained. "
  There is a telephone near this intersection. The new telephone has a telephone number, which unfortunately I don't know. The old telephone number was "Lanfair #1." The old telephone looked like this (38KB,GIF).

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Locations: Bobcat Hills.
Full Size ImageLooking north at the Bobcat Hills in the southeast corner of the Lanfair Valley  

Approximately opposite the Bobcat Hills is a road to the west southwest. This road leads across the north side of Hackberry Mountain, also forming the north boundary of the Mojave Wilderness. The 1982 Desert Studies field trip visited this area searching for fossils. Only plant fossils were found. In retrospect, I think we were looking in the lacustrine sediments of the Winkler Formation.

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At the fossil-digging site on Hackberry Mountain.
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Fossiliferous Winkler(?) Formation in the north side of Hackberry Mountain.
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Plant fossils, perhaps root casts, found in the Winkler (?) Formation of Hackberry Mountain.



Locations: Hackberry Mountain.
Full Size ImageWinkler Formation at Hackberry Mountain.  

Hackberry Mountain

Hackberry Mountain is one of the three places that the informally named "Winkler Formation" crops out. The other two locations are the north slope of Wild Horse Mesa and Pinto Mountain. The people in the photograph are on a field trip with the Desert Research Symposium, held by the San Bernardino County Museum, May, 1995.



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Locations: Fenner Valley. Vontrigger Hills. Vontrigger Spring.
Full Size ImageLooking south into Fenner Valley from the vicinity of Hackberry Mountain and Vontrigger Spring  

Vontrigger Hills and Spring

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Interesting outcrop across the wash.
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Outcrop beside the wash.
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Windmills beside the wash.
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Along Lanfair Road between Hackberry Mountain and Vontrigger Hills.
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Hiking group in west edge of Vontrigger Hills.
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Rock shelter near Vontrigger Spring.
Vontrigger Hills and Vontrigger Springs to the east.



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Locations: Goffs.
Full Size ImageGoffs  


  • Goffs Road, east to Highway 95 at Arrowhead Junction, west to U. S. Interstate 40 at Fenner.
  • Mountain Springs Road, south to U. S. Interstate 40.
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