Eastern Mojave Vegetation 5th Street, Golden, Colorado  

Tom Schweich  

Home Page  West to east in northern Golden.

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• Rubey Drive:   at 5th;
• Magpie Gulch Trail:   at 5th St;  


  • Rubey Drive, past Mitchell School.
  • High Point Drive, to Canyon Point Villas.
  • Magpie Gulch Trail



Locations: New Loveland Mine Park.
Full Size ImageInformational sign at New Loveland Mine Park.  

New Loveland Mine Park


Other articles:
• Parkview Court:   at 5th;  

Intersection: Parkview Court

Other articles:
• Field Notes:  22 Jun 2022;
Full Size ImageCultivated Knautia macedonica beside driveway.  

Knautia macedonica in the front yard.

  Intersection: Maple Street

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• Illinois Street:   at 5th;  

Intersection: Illinois Street

Other articles:
• Cheyenne Street:   at 5th;
• Field Notes:   17 Oct 2020;
Full Size ImageAutumn afternoon light at 5th and Cheyenne.  

Intersection: Cheyenne Street

Other articles:
• Field Notes:   12 Aug 2021;   30 Jan 2022;   26 Feb 2022;
Full Size ImageWhat we are about to lose when construction starts.
Full Size ImageFirst floor under construction.  

Full Size Image
Construction progress, 14 Feb 2022.
Full Size Image
Construction progress, 126 Feb 2022.
Construction across the street

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• Field Notes:   20 Feb 2019;
Full Size ImageLaundry day in Colorado.  

February 20, 2019.

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• Arapahoe Street:   at 5th;  

Intersection: Arapahoe Street

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• Washington Avenue:   at 5th;  

Intersection: Washington Avenue

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• Jackson Street:   at 5th;  

Intersection: Jackson Street

Other articles:
• Ford Street:   at 5th;  

Intersection: Ford Street

Other articles:
• East Street:   at 5th;  

Intersection: East Street
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