Eastern Mojave Vegetation Arapahoe Street, Golden, Colorado  

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 North and South through Golden

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Path to N. Rubey Drive.

End of Street

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Full Size ImageMyrtle Spurge on Arapahoe Street.  

Euphorbia myrsinites “Myrtle Spurge” along Arapahoe Street.

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Full Size Image"For Sale" van stored on street for months.
Full Size Image124 Arapahoe Street  

Full Size Image
124 Arapahoe Street
This van stored for months on the street while it was "For Sale."

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Intersection: 2nd Street

Full Size ImagePickup truck that hasn't moved for a long time.  
Disabled pickup truck on Arapahoe Street near 2nd Street.

Full Size ImageTrailer stored on street for at least 4 months.  
Trailer stored on street for at least 5 months, from the beginning of the school year through February.

Full Size ImageTrailer stored on 3rd Street near Arapahoe Street.  
Intersection: 3rd Street

Trailer stored on the street for months.

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Full Size ImageCar parked on curb; thought to be abandoned.
Full Size ImageAbandoned vehicle on Arapahoe Street.  

Full Size Image
Another aboandoned car on Arapahoe Street.
Arapahoe Street, just above 4th; one car sat for a long time, then a second was parked on the curb across the street.

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Full Size ImageDeer in Nightbird Gulch off 4th Street.  

Intersection: 4th Street

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Full Size ImageCondition of the alley in June 2012.  

Intersection: Alley

Full Size ImageBroken-down construction equipment stored on Arapahoe Street from about a week.  
Broken-down construction equipment stored on Arapahoe Street for about a week.

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Intersection: 5th Street

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Intersection: 6th Street
  End of Street

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Intersection: 7th Street

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Intersection: 8th Street
  Intersection: 9th Street

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Intersection: 10th Street

  Arapahoe Street does not cross Clear Creek.

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Intersection: 11th Street

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Intersection: 12th Street

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Intersection: 13th Street

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Intersection: 14th Street

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Intersection: 15th Street

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Intersection: 16th Street

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Intersection: 17th Street

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Intersection: 18th Street

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Intersection: 19th Street, west to Colorado Highway 93.
  Intersection: 20th Street
  Intersection: 21st Street
  Intersection: 22nd Street
  Intersection: 23rd Street

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Intersection: 24th Street




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