Eastern Mojave Vegetation Ford Street, Golden, Colorado  

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• Pine Ridge Road:   at CO 93;
• CO Hwy 93:   at Ford;  

Junction: Colorado State Highway 93

Other articles:
• Pine Ridge Road:   at Ford;  

Intersection: Pine Ridge Road
  Intersection: Virginia Street

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• Wyoming Street:   at Ford;  

Intersection: Wyoming Street
  Intersection: Idaho Street
  Intersection: Mesa Drive

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• Tucker Gulch Trail:   at Ford ;  

Norman D Park, Tucker Gulch Trail

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• Tucker Gulch Trail:   near Ford;
• Field Notes:   10 Aug 2014;
Full Size ImageTucker Gulch, just below Ford Street  

Downstream from Ford Street.
  Intersection: Texas Street

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• Alaska Street:   at N. Ford;  

Intersection: Alaska Street

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• Social Trail (N. Ford to Jackson):   at Ford;
• Field Notes:   27 Feb 2017;  2019 Year-end Review;
Full Size ImageNorth end of social trail off N. Ford Street.  

Bend in road.

Junction: Social Trail, into a small open space and to N. Columbine St.

  Intersection: Iowa Drive, north
  Intersection: Iowa Court
  Intersection: Iowa Drive, south
  Intersection: Iowa Street

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• Alley:   at Ford;  

Intersection: Alley, west in the direction of Washington Avenue.



Literature Cited:
- Noe, David C., James M. Soule, Jeffrey L. Hynes and Karen A. Berry, 1999.

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• Golden Cliffs Trail:   at highpoint;
• Field Notes:  17 Aug 2014;   8 Oct 2014;

Locations: North Table Mountain.  

Hillside Community Church

Full Size Image
Southwest face of North Table Mountain
Full Size Image
View down the southwest face of North Table Mountain

Field Trip Stop 15 — North Table Mountain Rockfall Area — of Noe, et al. (1999) forms in the parking lot of the Hillside Community Church at 103 N. Ford Street.

The rockfall and landslide hazard area around North Table Mountain was mapped by the U.S. Geological Survey during the 1970s (Simpson, 1973a; 1973b). Jefferson County has adopted the mapped hazard area as part of its geologic-hazards overlay, and has considered it to be a “no-build” area. This was challenged in the 1980s by a developer, who staged an actual rock-rolling demonstration on the northwest flank of the mountain in order to prove the fallacy of the outer (distal) hazard-area boundaries. The demonstration was curtailed (and the subdivision application was subsequently denied) after several boulders rolled beyond the outer boundary, but not before one boulder had bounced at least 10 feet (3 m) into the air and knocked a cross-bar off a high-tension power-line tower at the base of the mountain.

The rockfall hazard area, as mapped by the USGS, exists in both unincorporated Jefferson County and the incorporated city of Golden. Unfortunately, protection of the public from the rockfall hazard does appear to stop at the jurisdictional boundary in this case. The houses we see on the hillside above are located within the city of Golden, which has not adopted Simpson’s map. This subdivision was approved and has expanded due the absence of any requirements for home-rule cities to follow the state-mandated, geologic-hazard review process for subdivisions.

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• 1st Street:   at Ford;  

Intersection: 1st Street

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• Alley:   at N Ford;  

Alley: between 1st St and 2nd St

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• 2nd Street:   at Ford;  

Intersection: 2nd Street

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• Goldco Circle:   at Ford N;  

Intersection: Goldco Circle, north entrance.

Other articles:
• Goldco Circle:   at Ford S;  

Intersection: Goldco Circle, south entrance.

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• 5th Street:   at Ford;  

Intersection: 5th Street

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• East Street:   at Ford;  

Intersection: East Street

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• 7th Street:   at Ford N;  

Junction: 7th Place, 7th Street, to Boyd Street, and Golden Cliffs Trailhead.
  Pass under Colorado State Highway 58.
  Intersection: 7th Street, one way eastbound, do not enter.
  Intersection: 8th Street
  Intersection: 9th Street

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• 10th Street:   at Ford;  

Intersection: 10th Street
  Cross Clear Creek with Spurs to: Clear Creek Trail

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• Clear Creek Trail:   at Ford;  

Intersection: Clear Creek Trail
  Intersection: 11th Street

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• 12th Street:   at Ford;  

Intersection: 12th Street

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• 13th Street:   at Ford;  

Intersection: 13th Street

Full Size ImageCastle Rock on South Table Mountain as seen from Bob's Atomic Burger  
Bob's Atomic Burger

Other articles:
• 14th Street:   at Ford;
• Jackson Street:   at 15th;  

  • 14th Street
  • Jackson Street, one way southbound to Jackson Street from Ford and 14th Street.

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• 15th Street:   at Ford;  

Intersection: 15th Street

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• 16th Street:   at Ford;  

Intersection: 16th Street

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• 17th Street:   at Ford;  

Intersection: 17th Street

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• 18th Street:   at Ford;  

Intersection: 18th Street

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• 19th Street:   at Ford;  

Intersection: 19th Street, west to Colorado Highway 93.
  Intersection: 20th Street
  Intersection: 21st Street
  Intersection: 22nd Street


Bonfire Burritos


Other articles:
• 23rd Street:   at Ford;  

Intersection: 23rd Street

Other articles:
• 24th Street:   at Ford;  

Intersection: 24th Street

Other articles:
• S. Golden Road:   at Ford, Jackson;
Full Size ImageGolden High School from the “G”  

Intersection: S. Golden Road, Jackson Street
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