Eastern Mojave Vegetation North Table Mountain, Jefferson County, Colorado.

Query: G.N.I.S.

(Syn: Arvada Overlook)

See also: Golden. North Table Mountain Park.

See also: Castle Rock. Tramway Quarry.

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Field trips:

  • 5 June 2016
  • 10 June 2017
  • 12 June 2017
  • 9 June 2019.

Elevation: 6552ft, 1997m.

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Literature Referring To This Location:

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  • White, Sally, and Loraine Yeatts. 1994. Plants of North Table Mountain 1. {TAS-pdf} (http://www.conps.org/pdf/Plant_Lists/NTableMtByFam.pdf, accessed 15 August 2014) This list was used for two Colorado Native Plant Society field trips: 14 May 1994, led by Sally White and Loraine Yeatts, and 23 May 1998, led by Paul Kilburn and Jerry Duncan.
  • Zeise, Larry Steven. 1976. An ecological survey of North Table Mountain near Golden, Colorado. pp. in Supervised and Edited by John W. Marr, Ecologist, Professor of Biology. A study conducted for the Technical Advisory Committee of the Colorado Chapter of the Nature Conservancy. Boulder, Colorado: Laboratory of Mountain Ecology for Man, Department of Environmental Biology, University of Colorado, November, 1976. {TAS-pdf}

Area Plant Lists that contain this location:

Species collected at or near this location.

This list summarizes plants collected or observed at this specific, named location. It does not include plants collected or observed at nearby named or unnamed locations. It may be more instructive to use the Area Lists that contain this location.

  • TAS – The plant was collected by Tom Schweich.
  • Oth – The plant was collected by someone, but not Tom.
  • Obs – The plant was observed, but not collected.


Woodsia oregana D.C. Eaton cathcartiana (B.L. Rob.) Windham. Rocky Mountain Woodsia (Obs)


Equisetum hyemale L. affine (Engelm.) Calder & Roy L.Taylor. Tall Scouring Rush (Obs)


Selaginella densa Rydb. Rocky Mountain Spikemoss (Obs)

Selaginella underwoodii Hieron. Underwood's Spikemoss (Obs)


Juniperus scopulorum Sarg. Rocky Mountain Juniper (Obs)


Pinus ponderosa Laws. Ponderosa Pine (Obs)

Pseudotsuga menziesii (Mirb.) Franco glauca (Beissn.) Franco. Douglas Fir (Obs)


Rhus trilobata Nutt. trilobata. Skunkbush Sumac (Obs)

Toxicodendron rydbergii (Small ex Rydb.) Greene. Western Poison Ivy (Obs)


Aletes acaulis (Torr.) J.M. Coult. & Rose. Stemless Indian Parsley (Obs)

Conium maculatum L. Common Poison Hemlock (Obs)

Harbouria trachypleura (A. Gray) J.M. Coult. & Rose. Whiskbroom Parsley (Obs)

Lomatium orientale J.M. Coult. & Rose. Salt-and-Pepper (Obs)


Apocynum cannabinum L. Indian Hemp (Obs)


Asclepias pumila (A. Gray) Vail. Plains Milkweed (Obs)

Asclepias speciosa Torr. Showy Milkweed (Obs)

Asclepias viridiflora Raf. Green Comet Milkweed (Obs)



Achillea millefolium L. Common Yarrow (Obs)

Artemisia campestris L. Field Sagewort (Obs)

Artemisia dracunculus L. Tarragon, Dragon Wort (TAS+Obs)

Artemisia filifolia Torr. Sand Sage, Old-Man Sagebrush (Obs)

Artemisia frigida Willd. Prairie Sagewort (Obs)

Artemisia ludoviciana Nutt. Silver Wormwood (Obs)



Townsendia. Townsend Daisy (Obs)

Townsendia grandiflora Nutt. Largeflower Townsend Daisy (Obs)


Ericameria nauseosa (Pall. ex Pursh) G.L.Nesom & G.I.Baird graveolens (Nutt.) Reveal & Schuyler. Goldy-Locks (Obs)


Heterotheca villosa (Pursh) Shinners. Hairy False Goldenaster (Obs)


Erigeron divergens Torr. & A. Gray. Spreading Fleabane (Obs)

Erigeron tracyi Greene. Running Fleabane (TAS)


Gutierrezia sarothrae (Pursh) Britton & Rusby. Broom Snakeweed (Obs)


Grindelia squarrosa (Pursh) Dunal. Curlycup Gumweed (Obs)


Solidago nana Nutt. Baby Goldenrod (Obs)

Solidago speciosa Nutt. Showy Goldenrod (Obs)


Symphyotrichum falcatum (Lindl.) G.L. Nesom. White Prairie Aster (Obs)

Symphyotrichum porteri (A. Gray) G.L. Nesom. Smooth White Aster (Obs)



Carduus nutans L. Nodding Plumeless Thistle (Obs)

Cirsium undulatum (Nutt.) Spreng. Wavy Leaved Thistle (Obs)



Cichorium intybus L. Common Chicory (Obs)


Crepis occidentalis Nutt. Largeflower Hawksbeard (Obs)

Taraxacum officinale F. H. Wigg. Common Dandelion (TAS+Obs)


Lactuca serriola L. Prickly Lettuce (Obs)


Agoseris glauca (Pursh) Raf. Pale Goat-Chicory (Obs)

Lygodesmia juncea (Pursh) D. Don ex Hooker. Rush Skeletonplant (Obs)

Nothocalais cuspidata (Pursh) Greene. Prairie False Dandelion (Obs)


Scorzonera laciniata L. Cutleaf Vipergrass (TAS+Obs)

Tragopogon dubius Scop. Yellow Salsify (Obs)


Thelesperma megapotamicum (Spreng.) Kuntze. Hopi Tea Greenthread (Obs)


Brickellia californica (Torrey & A. Gray) A. Gray. California Brickelbush (Obs)

Brickellia eupatorioides (L.) Shinners. False Boneset (Obs)

Liatris punctata Hook. Dotted Blazing Star (Obs)


Antennaria parvifolia Nutt. Small-Leaf Pussytoes (Obs)

Antennaria rosea Greene. Rosy Pussytoes (Obs)



Gaillardia aristata Pursh. Blanketflower (Obs)


Ambrosia artemisiifolia L. Annual Ragweed (Obs)

Ambrosia psilostachya DC. Western Ragweed (Obs)

Ambrosia tomentosa Nutt. Skeleton-Leaf Bursage (Obs)

Ambrosia trifida L. Giant Ragweed (Obs)

Helianthus annuus L. Common Sunflower (Obs)

Helianthus pumilus Nutt. Little Sunflower (Obs)

Ratibida columnifera (Nutt.) Woot. & Standl. Upright Prairie Coneflower (Obs)



Arnica fulgens Pursh. Shining Leopardbane (Obs)


Packera fendleri (A. Gray) W.A. Weber & Á. Löve. Fendler’s Ragwort (Obs)

Packera plattensis (Nuttall) W. A. Weber & Á. Löve. Prairie Groundsel (Obs)

Senecio integerrimus Nutt. Columbia Ragwort (Obs)

Senecio spartioides Torr. & A. Gray. Broomlike Ragwort (Obs)


Berberis repens Lindl. Creeping Barberry (Obs)


Cryptantha virgata (Porter) Payson. Miner"s Candle (Obs)

Cynoglossum officinale L. Gypsyflower (Obs)

Hydrophyllum fendleri (A. Gray) A. Heller. Fendler's Waterleaf (TAS+Obs)

Lappula occidentalis (S. Watson) Greene. Flatspine Stickseed (Obs)

Lithospermum incisum Lehm. Narrowleaf Stoneseed (Obs)

Lithospermum occidentale (Mack.) Weakley, Witsell & D. Estes. Western Marbleseed (TAS+Obs)

Mertensia lanceolata (Pursh) DC. Prairie Bluebells (Obs)

Phacelia heterophylla Pursh. Varileaf Phacelia (Obs)


Alyssum alyssoides (L.) L. (Obs)

Alyssum simplex Rudolphi. European Madwort (Obs)

Barbarea vulgaris R. Br. Garden Yellowrocket (Obs)

Chorispora tenella (Pall.) DC. Crossflower (Obs)

Descurainia sophia (L.) Webb. Tansy Mustard (Obs)

Erysimum asperum (Nutt.) DC. Western Wallflower (Obs)

Erysimum cheiranthoides L. Wormseed Wallflower (Oth)

Physaria montana (A. Gray) Greene. Mountain Bladderpod (Obs)

Physaria vitulifera Rydb. Bull. Torrey Bot. Club 28: 278. 1901. Roundtip Twinpod (Obs)

Sisymbrium altissimum L. Tall Tumblemustard (Obs)

Sisymbrium loeselii L. Loesel's Tumble Mustard (Obs)

Thlaspi arvense L. Field Penny Cress (Obs)

Turritis glabra L. Tower Rockcress (Obs)


Echinocereus viridiflorus Engelm. Nylon Hedgehog Cactus (Obs)

Escobaria missouriensis (Sweet) D.R.Hunt. Missouri Foxtail Cactus (Obs)

Escobaria vivipara (Nutt.) Buxb. Beehive Cactus (Obs)

Opuntia macrorhiza Engelm. Western Pricklypear (Obs)

Opuntia polyacantha Haw. Plains Pricklypear (Obs)

Pediocactus simpsonii (Engelm.) Britton & Rose. Mountain Ball Cactus (Obs)


Campanula rotundifolia L. Harebell (Obs)


Celtis reticulata Torr. Net-Leaved Hackberry (Obs)

Humulus neomexicanus (A. Nelson & Cockerell) Rydb. New Mexican Hops (Obs)


Symphoricarpos occidentalis Hook. Western Snowberry (Obs)

Symphoricarpos rotundifolius A. Gray. Roundleaf Snowberry (Obs)


Cerastium arvense L. strictum Gaudin. Field Chickweed (Obs)

Cerastium brachypodum (Engelmann ex A. Gray) B. L. Robinson. Short-stalked mouse-ear chickweed (Obs)

Eremogone fendleri (A. Gray) Ikonnikov. Fendler's Sandwort (Obs)

Paronychia jamesii Torr. & A. Gray. James' Nailwort (Obs)


Chenopodium album L. Lambsquarters (Obs)


Cleomella serrulata (Pursh) Roalson & J. C. Hall. Rocky Mountain Bee Plant (Obs)


Convolvulus arvensis L. Field Bindweed (Obs)


Sedum lanceolatum Torr. Spearleaf Stonecrop (Obs)


Elaeagnus angustifolia L. Russian Olive (Obs)


Euphorbia marginata Pursh. Snow on the Mountain (Obs)

Euphorbia myrsinites L. Myrtle Spurge (Obs)

Euphorbia spathulata Lam. Warty Spurge, Spoonleaf Spurge (Obs)

Tragia ramosa Torr. Branched Noseburn (Obs)


Astragalus. Milkvetch (Obs)

Astragalus agrestis Douglas ex G. Don. Purple Milkvetch (TAS+Obs)

Astragalus crassicarpus Nutt. Groundplum Milkvetch (Obs)

Astragalus drummondii Dougl. ex Hook. Drummond's Milkvetch (Obs)

Astragalus flexuosus G. Don. Flexible Milkvetch (Obs)

Astragalus laxmannii Jacq. robustior (Hook.) Barneby & S. L. Welsh. Prairie Milkvetch (TAS+Obs)

Astragalus parryi A. Gray. Parry's Milkvetch (Obs)

Astragalus shortianus [Nutt. ex] Torr. & A.Gray. Short's Milkvetch (Obs)

Glycyrrhiza lepidota Pursh. American Licorice (Obs)

Lupinus argenteus Pursh argenteus. Loosely Flowered Silver Lupine (Obs)

Lathyrus eucosmus Butters & H. St. John. Bush Vetchling (Obs)

Lathyrus lanszwertii Kellogg leucanthus (Rydb.)Dorn. White Flower Pea (Obs)

Medicago lupulina L. Black Medick (Obs)

Melilotus albus Medik. White Sweet Clover (Obs)

Melilotus officinalis (L.) Lam. Yellow Sweet Clover (Obs)

Oxytropis lambertii Pursh. Purple Locoweed (Obs)

Pediomelum tenuiflorum (Pursh) A. N. Egan. Slimflower Scurfpea (Obs)

Robinia pseudoacacia L. Black Locust (Obs)

Securigera varia (L.) Lassen. Purple Crownvetch (TAS)

Thermopsis rhombifolia (Nutt. ex Pursh) Nutt. ex Richardson divaricarpa (A. Nelson) Isely. Spreadfruit Goldenbanner (Obs)

Vicia americana Willd. American Vetch (TAS+Obs)


Corydalis aurea Willd. Scrambled Eggs (TAS)


Erodium cicutarium (L.) L'Her. ex Aiton. Hemlock-leav'd Crane's-bill (Obs)

Geranium caespitosum James. Pineywoods Geranium (Obs)


Ribes aureum Pursh. Golden Currant (Obs)

Ribes cereum Douglas. Wax Currant (TAS+Obs)


Marrubium vulgare L. Horehound (Obs)

Mentha arvensis L. Wild Mint (Obs)

Mentha spicata L. Spearmint (Obs)

Monarda fistulosa L. Wild Bergamot (Obs)

Nepeta cataria L. Catnip (Obs)

Scutellaria brittonii Porter. Britton's Skullcap (Obs)


Linum lewisii Pursh. Prairie Blue Flax (Obs)


Mentzelia albicaulis (Douglas ex Hook.) Douglas ex Torr. & A. Gray. White-Stem Blazing Star (TAS)

Mentzelia nuda (Pursh) Torr. & A. Gray. Bractless Blazing Star (Obs)

Mentzelia speciosa Osterh. Plains Blazing Star (Obs)


Sphaeralcea coccinea (Nutt.) Rydb. Cowboy's Delight (TAS+Obs)


Mirabilis linearis (Pursh) Heimerl. Narrowleaf Four O'Clock (TAS+Obs)


Fraxinus americana L. White Ash (Obs)


Epilobium ciliatum Raf. Fringed Willowherb (TAS+Obs)

Oenothera brachycarpa A. Gray. Short-Fruit Evening Primrose (Obs)

Oenothera cespitosa Nutt. Tufted Evening Primrose (Obs)

Oenothera suffrutescens (Ser.) W. L. Wagner & Hoch. Linda Tarde (Obs)


Orobanche fasciculata Nutt. Clustered Broomrape (Obs)


Argemone polyanthemos (Fedde) G.B. Ownbey. Crested Prickly Poppy (Obs)


Erythranthe guttata (Fisch. ex DC.) G.L. Nesom. Seep Monkeyflower (Obs)


Linaria dalmatica (L.) Mill. Dalmatian ToadFlax (TAS+Obs)

Penstemon secundiflorus Benth. Sidebells Penstemon (TAS)

Veronica biloba L. Twolobe Speedwell (Oth)


Aliciella pinnatifida (Nutt. ex A.Gray) J.M.Porter. Sticky Gilia (Obs)

Gilia ophthalmoides Brand. Pinyon Gilia (Obs)

Ipomopsis aggregata (Pursh) V.E. Grant candida (Rydb.) V.E. Grant & A.D. Grant. Scarlet Gilia (Obs)

Phlox multiflora A. Nelson. Mountain Phlox (Obs)


Eriogonum alatum Torrey in L. Sitgreaves, Rep. Exped. Zuni Colorado Rivers. 168, plate 8. 1853. Winged Buckwheat (Obs)

Eriogonum arcuatum Greene, Pittonia. 4: 319. 1901. Baker's Buckwheat (Obs)

Eriogonum effusum Nuttall, Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci. Philadelphia. 4: 15. 1848. Spreading Buckwheat (Obs)

Eriogonum umbellatum Torr. umbellatum. Sulphur-Flower Buckwheat (Obs)

Polygonum aviculare L. Prostrate Knotweed (Obs)

Rumex crispus L. Curley Dock (TAS+Obs)

Rumex salicifolius Weinm. Willow Dock (Obs)

Rumex triangulivalvis (Danser) Rech. f. Triangular-Valved Dock (Obs)


Clematis ligusticifolia Nutt. Western White Clematis (Obs)

Delphinium geyeri Greene. Geyer's Larkspur (Obs)

Delphinium nuttallianum Pritz. Twolobe Larkspur (Obs)

Pulsatilla nuttalliana (DC.) Bercht. & J. Presl. Pasque Flower (Obs)

Ranunculus cymbalaria Pursh. Alkali Buttercup (Obs)


Amelanchier alnifolia (Nutt.) Nutt. ex M. Roem. Saskatoon Serviceberry (Obs)

Cercocarpus montanus Raf. Alder-Leaf Mountain Mahogany (Obs)

Crataegus succulenta Schrad. ex Link. Fleshy Hawthorn (Obs)

Holodiscus discolor (Pursh) Maxim. dumosus (S. Watson) Maxim. Ex J. M. Coult. Rock Spiraea (Obs)

Potentilla L. Cinquefoil (Obs)

Potentilla fissa Nutt. ex Torr. & A.Gray. Bigflower Cinquefoil (Obs)

Potentilla gracilis Hook. Slender Cinquefoil (Obs)

Potentilla norvegica L. Norwegian Cinquefoil (Obs)

Physocarpus monogynus (Torr.) J.M. Coult. Mountain Ninebark (TAS+Obs)

Prunus americana Marshall. American Plum (TAS+Obs)

Prunus virginiana L. Chokecherry (Obs)

Rosa L. Rose (Obs)

Rosa arkansana Porter. Prairie Rose (Obs)

Rubus deliciosus Torr. Delicious raspberry (TAS+Obs)


Galium aparine L. Sticky Willy, Cleavers (TAS)

Galium boreale L. Bedstraw (Obs)

Galium triflorum Michx. Fragrant Bedstraw (Obs)


Populus angustifolia E. James. Narrowleaf Cottonwood (Obs)

Populus deltoides Marshall monilifera (Aiton) Eckenw. Plains Cottonwood (TAS+Obs)

Populus tremuloides Michx. Quaking Aspen (Obs)

Salix amygdaloides Andersson. Peachleaf Willow (Obs)

Salix exigua Nutt. Coyote Willow, Narrow-Leaved Willow (Obs)


Comandra umbellata (L.) Nutt. pallida (A. DC.) Piehl. Pale Bastard Toadflax (Obs)


Acer glabrum Torr. Rocky Mountain Maple (Obs)

Acer negundo L. Box Elder Maple (Obs)

Acer saccharinum L. Silver Maple (Obs)


Heuchera parvifolia Nutt. ex Torr. & A. Gray. Littleleaf Alumroot (Obs)

Micranthes rhomboidea (Greene) Small. Diamondleaf Saxifrage (Obs)


Limosella aquatica L. Water Mudwort (Obs)

Scrophularia lanceolata Pursh. Lanceleaf Figwort (Obs)

Verbascum thapsus L. Common Mullein (Obs)


Physalis longifolia Nutt. Longleaf Groundcherry (Obs)

Physalis hederifolia A. Gray comata (Rydb.) Waterfall. Ivy-Leaved Ground Cherry (Obs)

Solanum rostratum Dunal. Buffalo Bur Nightshade (Obs)


Ulmus. Elm (Obs)

Ulmus parvifolia Jacq. Chinese Elm (Obs)

Ulmus pumila L. Siberian Elm (Obs)


Verbena aristigera S. Moore. Moss Verbena (Oth)

Verbena bracteata Lag. & Rodr. Large Bract Vervain (Obs)


Hybanthus verticillatus (Ortega) Baill. Baby Slippers (Obs)

Viola canadensis L. Canadian White Violet (Obs)

Viola nuttallii Pursh. Nuttall's Violet (Obs)


Parthenocissus quinquefolia (L.) Planch. Virginia Creeper (Obs)

Vitis riparia Michx. Riverbank Grape (Obs)


Tribulus terrestris L. Puncture Vine (Obs)


Yucca glauca Nutt. Soapweed Yucca (Obs)


Allium textile A. Nelson & J.F. Macbr. Textile Onion (Obs)


Leucocrinum montanum Nutt. ex A. Gray. Star Lily (Obs)


Asparagus officinalis L. Asparagus (Obs)


Tradescantia occidentalis (Britton) Smyth. Prairie Spiderwort (Obs)


Carex L. Sedge (TAS+Obs)

Carex brevior (Dewey) Mack. Shortbeak Sedge (TAS)

Carex douglasii Boott. Douglas Sedge (Obs)

Carex duriuscula C.A. Mey. Needleleaf Sedge (Obs)

Carex inops L.H. Bailey heliophila (Mack.) Crins. Sun Sedge (TAS+Obs)

Carex nebrascensis Dewey. Nebraska Sedge (Obs)

Carex occidentalis L. H. Bailey. Western Sedge (TAS)

Eleocharis acicularis (L.) Roem. & Schult. Needle Spikerush (Obs)

Eleocharis compressa Sull. Flatstem Spikerush (Obs)

Eleocharis macrostachya Britton. Common Spike-Rush (Obs)

Eleocharis parvula (Roem. & Schult.) Link ex Bluff, Nees & Schauer. Dwarf Spikerush (Obs)

Schoenoplectus americanus (Pers.) Volkart ex Schinz & R. Keller. Chairmaker's Bulrush (Obs)

Schoenoplectus lacustris (L.) Palla. Lakeshore Bulrush (Obs)

Schoenoplectus tabernaemontani (C.C.Gmel.) Palla. Softstem Bulrush (Obs)


Juncus arcticus (Willd.) Trautv. balticus (Willdenow) Trautvetter. Arctic Rush (Obs)

Juncus bufonius L. Toad Rush (Obs)

Juncus interior Wiegand. Inland Rush (TAS+Obs)


Calochortus gunnisonii S. Watson. Gunnison's Mariposa Lily (TAS+Obs)


Toxicoscordion paniculatum (Nutt.) Rydb. Foothill Death Camas (Obs)



Andropogon gerardii Vitman. Big Bluestem (TAS+Obs)


Aristida purpurea Nutt. longiseta (Steud.) Vasey. Purple Threeawn (Obs)


Alopecurus aequalis Sobol. Shortawn Foxtail (Obs)

Koeleria macrantha (Ledeb.) Schult. Prairie Junegrass (Obs)

Phleum pratense L. Timothy (Obs)


Bromus inermis Leyss. Smooth Brome (Obs)

Bromus japonicus Thunb. Japanese Cheat Grass (Obs)

Bromus polyanthus Scribn. ex Shear. Great Basin Brome (Oth)

Bromus tectorum L. Cheat Grass (Obs)


Bouteloua curtipendula (Michx.) Torr. Sideoats Grama (Obs)

Bouteloua gracilis (Kunth) Lag. ex Griffiths. Blue Grama (Obs)

Buchloe dactyloides (Nutt.) Engelm. Buffalo Grass (Obs)

Munroa squarrosa (Nutt.) Torr. False Buffalograss (Obs)


Sporobolus cryptandrus (Torr.) A. Gray. Sand Drop-seed (TAS+Obs)


Echinochloa crus-galli (L.) P. Beauv. Barnyardgrass (Obs)


Poa compressa L. Canada Bluegrass (Obs)

Poa palustris L. Fowl Bluegrass (TAS)

Poa pratensis L. Kentucky Bluegrass (TAS+Obs)

Vulpia octoflora (Walt.) Rydb. Six Weeks Fescue (Obs)


Eriocoma hymenoides (Roem. & Schult.) Rydb. Indian Rice Grass (Obs)

Eriocoma robusta (Vasey) Romasch. (Obs)

Eriocoma scribneri (Vasey) Romasch. (Obs)

Hesperostipa comata (Trin. & Rupr.) Barkworth. Needle and Thread (TAS+Obs)

Nassella viridula (Trin.) Barkworth. Green Needlegrass (Obs)


Aegilops cylindrica Host. Jointed Goat Grass (TAS+Obs)

Agropyron cristatum (L.) Gaertn. Crested Wheat Grass (Obs)

Elymus albicans (Scribn. & J.G.Sm.) Á.Löve. Montana Wild Rye (Obs)

Elymus canadensis L. Canadian Wildrye (Obs)

Elymus elymoides (Raf.) Swezey. Squirreltail Grass (Obs)

Elymus glaucus Buckley. Blue Wild Rye (Obs)

Elymus trachycaulus (Link) Gould ex Shinners. Slender Wheatgrass (TAS+Obs)

Hordeum brachyantherum Nevski. Meadow Barley (Oth)

Hordeum murinum L. Mouse Barley (Obs)

Hordeum pusillum Nutt. Little Barley (Oth)

Pascopyrum smithii (Rydb.) Á. Löve. Western Wheatgrass (Obs)

Thinopyrum intermedium (Host) Barkworth & D.R. Dewey. Intermediate Wheatgrass (TAS)

Thinopyrum ponticum (Podp.) Z.-W. Liu & R.-C. Wang. Rush Wheatgrass (Obs)

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