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Tom Schweich  

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2008 Tour de Swertia albomarginata
Mono Lake, August 2008
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   When I first read the field notes of Annie Alexander and Louise Kellogg, I was fascinated by the descriptions they wrote about the places they went and the plants and animals they found there. By publishing my field notes on the Internet I hope to follow a little bit in their tradition.












Locations: North Table Mountain.  


January 28, 1960. .... Saturday Golden's Fire department and Sheriff's officers rescued an Indiana lad from the cliff of North Table mountain where he became stranded after trying to scale the rocks—he was removed from the cliff unharmed but cold .... (Colorado Transcript, 94(16), January 28, 1960, p. 1).

Locations: North Table Mountain.  


February 18, 1960. … Two firemen put out a fire burning in brush along Kinney Run. ... Ten firemen participated in the rescue of a boy from a crevice on North Table mountain. … (Colorado Transcript, 94(19), February 18, 1960, p. 2)

Locations: North Table Mountain.  


March 20, 1960. Police were called March 20 when two boys were found rolling rocks off North Table Mountain. The rocks were rolling almost down to homes located in the area (Colorado Transcript, 94(25), March 31, 1960, p. 3)

Locations: Chimney Gulch. North Table Mountain.  


June 16, 1960.

  • Seventy Years Ago (1890)

    "One can form something of an idea what Golden will be like when Lookout Monutain is opened as a summer resort from the number of people who even now come up from Denver on Sundays. Yesterday not less than a dozen carriages and express wagons from Denver, loaded with men, women and children, went up Chimney Canon to spend the day.”

    Henry Koch’s new resort on North Table Mountain was to be formally opened the following Sunday.

(Colorado Transcript, __(__), June 16, 1960, pg.__)

Locations: North Table Mountain.  


An accident killed a man at the crusher located at the foot of North Table Mountain on Highway 93. The man was caught between a hoist and its tractor when he was putting gas into the tractor (Colorado Transcript, 95(5), November 10, 1960, pg. 6).

Locations: North Table Mountain.  


December 29, 1960. Golden will play a small but important part in the race to get man into space as the testing site of rocket seat ejectors late in January. Keep your binoculars pointed toward North Table Mountain. (Colorado Transcript, __(__), December 29, 1960, pg. __).






Other articles:
• Field Notes:  June 22, 1871;

Locations: North Table Mountain.  


June 22, 1961. Ninety Years Ago This Week (1871): During a heavy rainstorm a mass of rock estimated to be 1,000 tons fell from the south face of North Table Mountain, creating a roar like an earthquake. (Colorado Transcript, 95(37), June 22, 1961, pg. 8)

Full Size Image"Martha, Lydia & Tom leave the plane at Idyllwild Airport NY after flight from L.A."
Full Size Image"Tom, Paul & Martha in hotel in New York near Times Square. July 1961."  


July 1961

On our way to the Netherlands.

Full Size Image"Martha, Tom & Paul in Amersfort when we went to pick up our VW (on the right). Rental car on the left. July 1961."
Full Size ImageHouse we rented for a short time in Heemstede.  

Picked up our VW in Amersfort.

Full Size ImageLydia at the beach at Scheveningen  

A visit to the beach at Scheveningen.

Full Size ImageMy bromfiets.  


September 1961

My "bromfiets"

Full Size ImageRappenburg Street, Leiden
Full Size Image"Tom & Lydia ready for church in front of Rijngeesterstraatweg 173. September 1961."  

Town center of Leiden

Full Size ImageAlong the Rhine River, when we went so Schweich
Full Size ImageAlong the Rhine River, when we went so Schweich  


October 1961


Full Size Image"Tom, Sharon, Lydia, Gloria, Hal & Carol in Volendam costumes, after we had our pictures taken for our Christmas cards. Ijsselmeer (Zuiderzee) in the background. October 1961."
Full Size ImageMy brief life as a Dutchman.
Full Size ImageMy brief life as a Dutchman.  

Getting our photos taken in native dress.

Full Size Image"Tom & Lydia ready for church. October 1961."  

Full Size Image"Paul loaded with groceries & flowers at Plein 1960."  


November 1961


Locations: North Table Mountain.  


November 30, 1961. Foss' Table Mountain Ranch, which claims most of North Table Mountain, is used primarily for cross breeding and inbreeding lines of Angus and Hereford. ... The mountain served a unique purpose this year when Stanley Aircraft used the area as a proving ground for the B-58 “Hustler” ejection capsules (Colorado Transcript, __(__), November 30, 1961, pg. __).

Full Size ImageSinterklaas and Zwarte Piet arrive at Schipol Airport on a Fokker aircraft.
Full Size ImageSinterklaas and Zwarte Piet #1-4  

Sinterklaas and Zwarte Piet arrive at Schipol Airport.

Full Size ImageIce skating on the canals in Leiden
Full Size ImageMy brief life as a Dutchman.
Full Size ImageOur family christmas card from Holland.  


Christmas 1961







Full Size ImageMill, maybe near Leiden (?)
Full Size ImageJohn McCann and Paul Schweich
Full Size Image"Marken"  

Photos from 1961-1962 that I am unable to date more precisely.

Full Size Image
Full Size Image
The Mill Rijn en Lek
Full Size Image
Me with my deerstalker hat.
Full Size Image
Dad (right) with the VW

Full Size Image"Tom on his bromfiets …"  


March 1962


Full Size ImageLeewarden
Full Size ImageStaphorst
Full Size ImageUnknown location, could have been Marken, Leewarden, or Staphorst.  

Friesland, including Leewarden and Groningen

Full Size Image"Tom & Lydia on the grounds of the Keukenhof, April 1962"
Full Size Image"Lydia attempting to shw how large the tulips are at the Keukenhof. April 1962"
Full Size ImageLydia & the 3 watchers.  


April 1962

Visit to the Keukenhof

Full Size ImageLunch at Scheveningen
Full Size ImageThe beach at Scheveningen.  


Full Size ImageHigh School graduation at the American Embassy.  

Graduation from the American High School of the Hague.

Full Size ImageLook at the road, not in the air.  

Sign on the highway near Schipol Airport.

Full Size ImageChimney sweep … somewhere(?)
Full Size ImageFriends meet us on the Rotterdam to say goodbye.
Full Size ImageLast night, in Rotterdam.  
Full Size Image
Hotel room in Liechtenstein.
Full Size Image
Restaurant in Lucerne.
Full Size Image
Full Size Image
Full Size Image
Lunch at the Hofbrau Haus in Munich
Full Size Image
A visit with the Pörrer family.
Full Size Image
A restaurant .. somewhere
Full Size Image
Hallway in unidentified hotel.
Full Size Image
We buy another trunk for our stuff.
Tour of Europe before going home

Full Size ImageRoman baths in Trier
Full Size ImageRoman baths in Trier
Full Size ImageCoffee in Trier.  


Full Size ImageCity hall of Schweich
Full Size ImageMartha at the Schweich sign.
Full Size ImageSchweich Coat of Arms.  
Full Size Image
Tom at the edge of time.
Schweich, Germany

Full Size ImageAt the beach with the Shaws.
Full Size ImageAt the beach with the Shaws.
Full Size ImageAt the beach with the Shaws.  

Assume this was in August and we visited the Shaws and went to the beach.

Full Size ImagePaul Schweich and an F-104.  

Palmdale (?) Air Show (?)

Full Size ImageBreakfast with Ivan and Olga.
Full Size ImageIvan and Olga ath their church.
Full Size ImageOlga Bell and Lydia Schweich  

A visit to Ivan and Olga in Phoenix … or Laguna Hills!

Full Size ImageEating dinner in the kitchen in Palmdale.
Full Size ImageReplacing the license plate on the Volkswagen  

Dinner in the kitchen in Palmdale.

Full Size ImageMy dorm, Haigler Hall, at Arizona State University.
Full Size ImageLeaving the house in Palmdale for Arizona.  

Photos at Arizona State University, Tempe Arizona

Full Size ImageThanksgiving at Hazel & Roy Lampson's
Full Size ImageThanksgiving at Hazel & Roy Lampson's (with numbers).  

Full Size ImageChristmas breakfast.
Full Size ImageChristmas Short-Order Cooks
Full Size ImageFondue .. do you?  

Home from Arizona State for Christmas.

Full Size Image
At home in Palmdale.






Locations: North Table Mountain.  


A grass fire on the south side of North Table Mountain started when a weed-buring project was blown out of control (Colorado Transcript, 97(22), March 7, 1964, p. 2).

Full Size ImageSkip Johnson, my roommate at the end of the school year.
Full Size ImageMother, Lydia Schweich, somewhere in the Arizona desert.
Full Size ImageDad, Paul Schweich, somewhere in the Arizona desert.  

At the end of the school year, my parent drove to Phoenix to pick me up.

Full Size ImageIn the pool at the Panorama City condominium.  

At least part of the summer at the condominium in Panorama City.

Full Size ImageThe brick and board bookcase Bob Jenner and I built.
Full Size ImageStudying in the apartment.
Full Size ImageOutside my apartment.  
Full Size Image
My beer stein collection.
Full Size Image
Bob Jenner studies.
    Kansas City Star, Tuesday September 17, 1963

A Link to Past Gone

Mrs. Ella Turner's kin founded church

Book of Mormon was written in home of Woman's Great-Grandfather

Mrs. Ella Turner, 96, who was buried in Richmond, Mo., was a frail woman whi kept close to her home at 4115 Bell Street, but for the nearly 2 million members of the Monmon churches, she was a link to their beginnings.

In the home of Mrs. Turner's great-grandfather, Peter Whitmer, the Mormon church was founded. In that small frame home in Fayette, N. Y., Joseph Smith sat and dictated to her two great uncles, Oliver Cowdery and David Whitmer, the Book of Mormon.

Time passed, and the persecuted Mormons moved from New York to Ohio, then Illinois, then to the west. Mrs. Turner's kin settled in Richmond. David Whitmer still had the manuscript of the book.

Hard times followed David's death and his son, George Schwiech, took a loan from the Reorganized Church of the Latter Day Saints. The book was his security. Schweich never reclaimed the book. Today it is in the vault of the City National bank here.

Mrs. Bessie Marston, Mrs. Turner's daughter, took her mother to see the book several years ago at the R. L. D. S. auditorium in Independence. Elders of the church knew of Mrs. Turner, and told her to stay and look at the book as long as she liked.

Mrs. Turner died Thursday.

[The article has the hand-written notation, "Paul, I have heard your father speak of this book many times."]

Full Size ImageChristmas with the Shaws.
Full Size ImageChristmas at the Panorama City condo.
Full Size ImageChristmas at the Panorama City condo.  





    Death of Irma Hemenway Shaw






Locations: Tramway Quarry.  


March 4, 1965.

  • 80 Years Ago (1885). The Highline Ditch around Table Mountain reached completion.
  • 50 Years Ago (1915). A deed was filed with the county clerk, granting a right-of-way over the Farmer’s Highline Canal for an aerial tramway from the Tramway Quarries on North Table Mountain to the crusher at Rockdale.
  • 20 Years Ago (1945). Climax Molybdenum announced that it would move its western headquarters to Golden, with about 200 people to be employed in the new offices.
(Colorado Transcript, __(__), March 4, 1965, pg. __).

Full Size ImageLydia at the top of Mt. Pinos.
Full Size ImagePaul, assumed to be at or near the top of Mt. Pinos.
Full Size ImageLydia, somewhere where the saguaros grow.  

Locations: Cressmans Gulch (lower). Tucker Gulch (lower).  


Tucker Gulch, fed in part by Cressmans Gulch, flooded with the peak of the flood coming at about 7:00PM on Saturday, July 24, 1965. Rain and started falling on Tuesday, July 21st, and continued intermittently, with increasing surges of water until the Saturday evening flood. Several bridges were damaged and torrents of mud spilled down Washington Avenue and Ford Street. Somewhat ironically, a previous flood on Tucker Gulch occurred on the same day in 1896 (Colorado Transcript, 99(43), July 29, 1965).

Locations: North Table Mountain.  


August 5, 1965. . . Back to the July 24 flood, a resident on the south side of Clear Creek across from North Table mountain said she never before saw water pouring off the mountain as it did that afternoon she said it looked like Niagara Falls -- this seems no exaggeration when the flood damage along Easley Rd. is viewed -- water poured through the new subdivision on W. 44th and Easley Rd. and huge boulders crashed down the mountain -- the channel of Clear creek changed and water was flowing north of the Mclntyre bridge instead of under the bridge -- the channel now has been diverted back under the bridge -- Church ditch is littered with debris for miles -- heavy equipment is being used to clear the ditch channel which overflowed for the first time that residents ever can remember -- the J. Lester Trezises, who have lived on Easley Rd. for 48 years, never remember seeing the ditch overflow before, but this time sandbags were needed to keep water out of the house and their patio was flooded the Trezises measured 6 inches of rainfall at their home in one week -- water ran through many other houses along Easley Rd. and a new home, apparently out of any flood area, was badly damaged by water and its foundation undermined . . . Here in Golden the clean-up continues and every cloud is viewed with apprehension hundreds of truck loads of silt, rocks and debris have been hauled from the flooded area to the bank of Clear creek west of Arapahoe St. and to the clay pit dump -- (Colorado Transcript, __(__), August 5, 1965, pg. __).






Full Size ImageWedding of Cheryl and Tom  

Full Size ImageCamping at Hi Mountain Campground.  

In July, 1996, Cheryl and I went camping with Larry and Karol at the Hi Mountain Campground. Being July, we planned to sleep out because it never rains in July. Well, it rained. The best shelter we could arrange was to pull a sheet of plywood out of the bed of Larry's truck. That sheltered our heads, but the rest of us was sticking out in the rain. Also the rain brought the bugs out. So we got bitten a lot. Regardless, we did not give up, and stayed the entire night.

Full Size ImageOur first Christmas tree.
Full Size ImageCheryl works at the Post Office during Christmas vacation.  

Christmas, 1966







Full Size ImageCheryl and Tom at Huddart Park.  

Independence Day picnic at Huddart Park.






Full Size ImageMatt just after birth.
Full Size ImageMatt the day he came home from the hospital.  
  January 30, 1968: birth of Matthew Thomas Schweich.

Full Size ImageMatt with Grandmother and Granddaddy
Full Size ImagePassing the grandbaby.
Full Size ImageTom, Matt, and Cheryl  

Full Size ImageMatt's first drink from a glass.  

Full Size ImageMatt at about six months, Burton Park.
Full Size ImagePicnic at Huddart Park, Fourth of July?  

Fourth of July picnic at Huddart Park.

Date and location tentative.


Locations: San Luis Obispo.
Full Size ImageNovember morning on Sierra Way.  


November, 1968


Full Size ImageThanksgiving, 1968
Full Size ImageCheryl & Matt check out the fountain.
Full Size ImagePete Pawluk by my parent's fountain.  


Thanksgiving, November 28, 1968.



Other articles:
• River Avenue:   at Riviera Village Apts;

Locations: Skinner Butte.
Full Size ImageDowntown Eugene from Skinner Butte.  


December, 1968

Full Size Image
Eugene Planning Mill and hardware store.
Full Size Image
Covered bridge near Marcola.
Full Size Image
Skinner Butte from Hendricks Park (?)
Full Size Image
Matt, having stood up by himself.
Full Size Image
View across River Avenue from our apartment at River Avenue.

Full Size ImageChristmas, 1968  

Christmas, 1968







Other articles:
• River Avenue:   at River Rd;   at Riviera Village Apts;
Full Size ImageRiver Avenue at the entrance to Riviera Village.
Full Size ImageOur car covered with snow.  


The Big Snow

Full Size Image
Out on River Avenue after the big snow.
Full Size Image
Snow on the house across River Avenue.
Full Size Image
Cheryl and Matt near the intersection of River Avenue and River Road.
Full Size Image
Cheryl and Matt at the intersection of River Road and River Avenue.
Full Size Image
Pickup truck rodeo at River Road and River Avenue.
Full Size Image
Mail boxes along River Avenue.

Locations: Skinner Butte.
Full Size ImageMatt's First Birthday.
Full Size ImageWaking up from a nap.  


Photos around Matt's first birthday.

Full Size Image
Matt's First Birthday.
Full Size Image
Going to the swings at Skinners Butte Park.
Full Size Image
Swinging at Skinner Butte Park.

Other articles:
• Oregon Highway 126:   at depot;   at Siuslaw River.;   in Noti;
• U. S. Highway 101:   at Siltcoos Lake;

Locations: Mapleton. Noti. Siltcoos Lake.
Full Size ImageNoti Grade School.  

Full Size Image
Covered bridge over the Siuslaw River in Mapleton.
Full Size Image
Picnic lunch in the rain at Siltcoos Lake.
Full Size Image
Picnic in the car.
Full Size Image
Mapleton Depot.
Full Size Image
At some riad junction.

Other articles:
• Oregon Route 58:  in Dexter;   along the highway;

Locations: Dexter.
Full Size ImageDexter Self-Service Laundry  

Full Size Image
"Near Dexter"

Full Size ImageCheryl and Matt and the neighborhood dog, Easter 1969.
Full Size ImageMatt in the front yard.
Full Size ImageCheryl and Matt, Easter 1969.  

Easter, 1969.


Full Size ImageSuzanne and Michelle Day, 1969  
  Michelle Marie Day (age 3 months), and Suzanne Marie Day

This photo is not dated. However, another photo of Michelle Day is dated as December, 1969, and lists her age as 10 months.

Full Size ImagePresident Richard Nixon talks to the astronauts on the Moon.
Full Size ImageWatching the astronauts on the moon on our Black & White TV.
Full Size ImageWatching the astronauts on the moon on our Black & White TV.  

Astronauts land on the moon.


Full Size ImageMichelle Day, 10 months  
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