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2008 Tour de Swertia albomarginata
Mono Lake, August 2008
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   When I first read the field notes of Annie Alexander and Louise Kellogg, I was fascinated by the descriptions they wrote about the places they went and the plants and animals they found there. By publishing my field notes on the Internet I hope to follow a little bit in their tradition.







Full Size ImageWalter Atamanuk  
  Walter Atamanuk

Full Size ImageBaptist Convention  

Full Size ImageIrma Schweich, 1940  

Full Size ImagePaul R. Schweich, 1940  

Full Size ImageBetty Wilson holding Janice Ruth, her firstborn.  

Full Size ImageFrank B. Wilson, with Janice and holding Sally Jean  

Full Size ImageBackyard picnic  
  I'm assuming this is a family get-together just before the wedding of Paul and Lydia. I can recognize from left: Lydia, Paul, and Irma, and then Anna Pawluk at the right end of the table.

Full Size ImageWedding of Lydia Pawluk and Paul Schweich
Full Size ImageWedding of Lydia Pawluk and Paul Schweich.
Full Size ImageLydia's wedding portrait  
Full Size Image
Wedding Book, front page.
August 30, 1940: Wedding of Paul Schweich and Lydia Pawluk

Full Size ImageSusanne's Second Birthday
Full Size ImageSuzanne, _____ Victorino, Cheryl  
  Suzanne's second birthday.






Full Size ImageThe "Elko" border  
  A number of the prints have this very distinctive border. I presume it is the mark of the film processor. I may help group prints made at a similar time.

Full Size ImageHenry Chick, Sr., and his mother  
Henry Chick and his mother

Henry Chick married Willie Bell Shaw.

Full Size ImageIrma Schweich (?) with Nancy Wilson  
Nancy Wilson
with Irma? Or Willie Belle ?

"The new baby Nancy (Wilson) is so cute - 4 mo. old now.
"I look like a colored mammy."
Print has an Elko border.

Full Size ImageSally Jean Wilson on Princess  
Sally Jean (Wilson) on Princess, the Wilson's horse.
Print has the Elko border.

Full Size ImageRuth Shaw with Marietta, Elizabeth, and Nancy  
Ruth Shaw, with Marietta, Elizabeth and Nancy
This print does not have the Elko border on it.

Full Size ImageWillie Belle Chick  
Willie Belle Chick

This print does not have the Elko border.






Full Size ImageVisit with Kush family  
  "Olga, Mae Urban, Lydia, with Paul and Tanya Kush family." Unknown date, I'm guessing 1941.

Full Size ImageAnna Korolewicz and Peter Pawluk in 1941
Full Size Image1941 Baptist Convention  

Full Size ImageTamara Kush and Dorothy.  
  Written on the reverse side: "Tamara Kush and I over Kushes place. Short! aren't I? Dorothy."

I assume that Dorothy is on the left and that Tamara is on the right.

Full Size ImageIrma Schweich with Jackie, 1941  

Full Size ImageMy mother, Lydia, holding my sister Martha  






Full Size ImageAnna Korolewicz Pawluk  

Full Size ImageFour Generations  

Full Size ImageMartha and her Daddy in their back yard.  

Full Size ImageHenry Chick, 1942  

Full Size ImageSarah Keener Schweich, 1942  

Full Size ImageIrma Schweich with nieces  
  Circa 1942, Irma Shaw in front of Willie Bell's house, with Sally Jean on the left, and Janice in the right.






Full Size ImageAlec Pawluk during WW II  

Full Size Image"Granddaddy Pawluk and Martha in Whittier."  

Full Size ImageMartha and Dad.  

Full Size ImageMartha with Grandparents and Aunt Betty  
  October 1943
Martha, Paul, WillieBelle and Irma
L. A. Calif






Full Size ImageMartha and Alec  

Full Size ImageMartha  

Full Size ImageAnna Korolewicz Pawluk  

Full Size ImageHenry and Aimee Chick  
Henry And Aimee

Full Size ImageMartha's Third Birthday
Full Size ImageMartha's 3rd Birthday  





    Death of Anna Korolewicz Pawluk.

Full Size ImageMy Dad holds me while my sister watches.
Full Size ImageMy Mother, Sister, and me.
Full Size ImageMy Mother.  
  The house was on Dunsmuir Avenue.

Full Size ImageParents and Grandparents  

Other articles:
• Field Notes:   in 1893;
Full Size ImageDeath Certificate.
Full Size ImageCover sheet for Death Certificate.  


Death of Anna Pawluk, April 12, 1945, of tuberculosis.


Other articles:
• U. S. Highway 101:   on Cuesta Grade;
Full Size ImageA crew of guys help Peggy Stoddard change a flat, April 18, 1945.
Full Size ImageA crew of guys help Peggy Stoddard change a flat, April 18, 1945.  


April 18, 1945

Peggy Stoddard has a flat coming down Cuesta Grade

Full Size ImagePaul Schweich, 1945  
Paul Schweich

Full Size ImageMaybe a birthday party for Cheryl(?)  

May 1, 1945

Perhaps a 1st borthday party for Cheryl.






Full Size ImageFraming the house on Woodcock Street  

Full Size Image"Lena helps fix a meal."
Full Size ImageSummer camp  

Full Size ImageTommy by the faucet.
Full Size ImageFamily group, March 1946.
Full Size ImageFamily group, March 1946.  

Full Size ImageTommy by the faucet.
Full Size ImageFamily group, March 1946.
Full Size ImageFamily group, March 1946.  






Full Size ImageSome People  

Full Size ImageMy sister and me, with the Pyle girls.  

Other articles:
• Field Notes:   1907;
Full Size ImageArticle in Kansas City Times.
Full Size ImageNote accompanying article in KC Times.  

From the files of February 16 and 17, 1907.

The annual dinner of the Association of Young Republicans of Missouri at the Midland hotel turned into a big demonstration for Herbert S. Hadley for the nomination for governor. He now is attorney general. There were 250 men at the dinner from all parts of the state. E. E. E, McJimsey of Springfield was elected president of the association although not present. He telegraphed acceptance.

The postal department has placed on sale books of twenty-four 1-cent stamps, for 25 cents. Books of twelve 2-cent stamps have been on sale at 25 cents for sometime.

O. C. Snider and J. J. Heim of Kansas City are among the purchasers of the Automatic Telephone company of Chicago, which will develop long distance service between various cities of this area and the Atlantic seaboard. Announcement is made that rental of post office boxes in the main post office and station A in the west bottoms will be doubled, April 1. A similar order was made last fall but was later rescinded. The new rates will be $2 and $5 a quarter.

A duck hunter reported seeing a flock of pintail ducks yesterday. He said in years he has been following the sport he has never missed seeing some of that species on February 15.

The 1 o'clock closing of pool and billiard halls became effective yesterday when Mayor H. M. Beardsley signed the ordinance.

Bank clearings were $30,540,000.

At the theaters: Shubert, Henry E. (Adonis) Dixey in "The Man on the Box"; Grand, Andrew Mack in "Arrah - na - Pogue"; Willis Wood, "The Clansman"; Auditorium. "The Crisis"; Gillis, "Queen of the Highlanders"; Orpheum, vaudeville; Majestic, burlesque; Century, burlesque; Convention Hall, Tuesday night only, Moriz Rosenthal, pianist.

Miss Irma Hemenway Shaw and Robert P. Schweich were married Thursday at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Shaw, by the Rev. Z. M. Williams.

Full Size ImageRuby Shaw, Martha Schweich, and Tommy Schweich  
Beverly Hills
Ruby Shaw
Martha Schweich
Tommy Schweich

Full Size ImageAunt Ruby's 1947 Visit  
Ruby Shaw
Tommy Schweich
Paul Schweich
Martha Schweich
Irma Schweich

Full Size ImageMarie and Cyril  
  Sept 1947
Marie and Cyril
This is not our house.

Full Size ImageAunt Ruth and Uncle Bob  
Aunt Ruth and Uncle Bob Shaw

Full Size ImageChristmas, 1947  
  Back Row: Peter Paul Pawluk
Middle Row: Unknown, Alec Pawluk, Betty Pawluk, Lydia Schweich, Paul A. Schweich, Paul R. Schweich, Irma Schweich, Unknown.
Front Row: Tommy Schweich, Janice Pawluk(?), Martha Schweich.

Full Size ImageDad and Ivan
Full Size ImageDad and Olga
Full Size ImageIvan with Fish  

Full Size ImageRussian Baptist Church - 1948?  

Full Size Image"Dad outside his room at the First Methodist Church of LA"  

Full Size ImageLena  

Full Size ImageNear Tucson
Full Size ImageNear Tucson
Full Size ImageNear Tucson  

Full Size ImageMartha and Tom, 1948  






Full Size ImagePeter Pawluk  

Full Size ImageClark Ensminger and Marietta Wilson  
  Thanksgiving 1949
Clark Ensminger and Marietta Wilson
Aunt Ruth's brother.

Full Size ImageThanksgiving 1949  
  Thanksgiving 1949
Robert Shaw
Frank B. Wilson (Betty's Husband)
Don Shaw




Late 1940s


Full Size ImageHouse at 614 Ivy St.  
  House on Ivy Street.

Text on back, probably in Olga's handwriting:

"Our winter home, 614 Ivy St.. The Bever house, now lived in by Prof. & Mrs. Rice.

"This is the front view from northwest corner. Sidewalk, where I took picture, is about six feet lower than bottom front step.

"Glassed corner is sunroom on west side."

I assume that the location is either Bellingham or Yakima, Washington, but I have been unable to find that address. It's possible the house is in Redlands, California, but the address does not exist there, either.

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