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2008 Tour de Swertia albomarginata
Mono Lake, August 2008
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   When I first read the field notes of Annie Alexander and Louise Kellogg, I was fascinated by the descriptions they wrote about the places they went and the plants and animals they found there. By publishing my field notes on the Internet I hope to follow a little bit in their tradition.







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• Field Notes:  Christmas 1929;
Full Size ImageJuly 4, 1930  

  4th of July 1930
Just before trip to California
Paul A & Bruce II
Note mini golf course in back yard.

Compare the stairs on the back of the house with those seen in the Christmas 1929 photo.

Full Size ImageLeaving for California  

Full Size ImageChanging a tire in Dodge City, Kansas  
  June 1930
Dodge City Kansas
Changing a tire.

Locations: Grand Canyon.
Full Size ImageView of the Grand Canyon
Full Size ImageGrand Canyon, July 1930  

  “July 1930
Irma, Paul R. and Paul A at Grand Canyon Lodge
on way to California.”

“Stop at Grand Canyon on the way to California.”

Full Size ImagePetition for Citizenship  

Petition for Citizenship, by Anna Pawluk.

Full Size ImageOn the boat
Full Size ImageRiding in Miss Catalina 3
Full Size ImageRiding in Miss Catalina 3  
Full Size Image
Trip to Catalina
I think this photo was taken on the mainland, either before or after the trip to Catalina.

“Summer 1930
at Catalina
the steamer Avalon.”

I think my dad is sitting in the middle seat.

Full Size ImagePaul and Irma at Lake Arrowhead  
Lake Arrowhead
Irma and Paul

Full Size ImageAt Lake Arrowhead  
  August 1930
Lake Arrowhead
Leah, Paul A., Harrison, Paul R.

Full Size ImageUnknown  

Full Size ImageUnknown  

Full Size ImageAnna Pawluk, Certificate of Citizenship  

Naturalization of Anna Pawluk.

Full Size ImageJ. A. Geos  

Full Size ImageFamily  

Full Size ImageFamily  

Full Size Image"Daddy and Corslus"  

Full Size Image"Tolya and his brother"  

Full Size Image"Pawluk, ______, _______"  

Full Size Image"A Funeral"  

Full Size Image"Bill Mihalic, Peter Pawluk, Mr. Nicklaus, Mr. Shnikta, Mrs. Garguin Russian Baptist Church at Bryte, out of Sacramento"  

Full Size Image"Church at Bryte"  

Full Size Image"Cooking lapsha (turkey noodle soup) outside."  






Full Size ImagePaul at Beverly Hills High School  






Full Size ImagePaul Schweich, 1933.  
  Paul with 1931 Roadster above Glendale.

Full Size ImagePaul Schweich, 1933  
  Paul in 1933 in Hollywood Hills.

Full Size ImagePortrait of Anna Pawluk  

Full Size ImageUnknown  

Full Size Image"Dad, Man from Brazil, Mr. Smetko, and Mother"
Full Size ImagePeter Pawluk and the man from Brazil  

Full Size Image"Teddy Gregorian"
Full Size ImageNames in Russian
Full Size Image"Margaret Gregorian"  
Full Size Image
"Victor Gregorian"
Full Size Image
"Anna Gregorian"

Full Size Image"Annie Grannick"  

Full Size ImageTwo guys and a car.  

Full Size ImageFamily by their car  

Full Size ImageMother(?) and three children  






Full Size ImageIrma's cat MeeChee  

Full Size ImageRuby Shaw  
  Ruby Shaw, 1934

Full Size ImagePaul does handstand on Santa Monica Beach
Full Size ImagePaul at Santa Monica Beach
Full Size ImagePaul at Santa Monica Beach  
Handstand on mine and another bar-bell.
Santa Monica Palisades in background.

Full Size ImageTanya Kush.  

Full Size Image"Primary Department Sunday School -- 1934" on Gless Street  

Full Size Image"Dad and Nikitin twins"
Full Size ImagePeter Pawluk and the Nikitin twins
Full Size ImagePeter Pawluk in his car  

Full Size Image"Boys in Sloyd Vacation Bible School. -- 1934"  
  Inscribed: "Boys in Sloyd Vacation Bible School. -- 1934"

I assumed that Sloyd must be a town in the San Joaquin Valley.

Sloyd (Slöjd), also known as Educational Sloyd, was a system of handicraft-based education started by Uno Cygnaeus in Finland in 1865. The system was further refined and promoted worldwide, including adoption in the United States, until the early 20th Century.






Full Size ImageBetty Shaw, 1935  
Betty Shaw (Wilson)
1st Cousin to Paul A. Schweich

Full Size ImageDick Allen and Betty Shaw.  
Dick Allen
Betty Shaw
Kansas City

The woman on the left looks to me like Dick Allen's mother, but my dad doesn't think so.

Full Size ImageWedding at Georgetown Lake.  
  This photograph shows the wedding party of the Gore-Laist wedding, July 9, 1935. The wedding was held at the Nevaska Lodge, near Georgetown Lake, Montana

From left to right, the people in the photograph are: Harriet Oliver, David Lauib, Blanche Gore, Charles Saudes, Mildred Laist, Jeanne Laist, George Gore, Virginia Laist Gore, Dorothy Laist, Geraldine Klepetko, Paul Schweich, Helen Halloran, Emmett Keinett, and Rosalba Gore.

Born in Chile as the son of a mining engineer, George Gore grew up in South Dakota. I assume he attended Montana School of Mines at Butte, Montana, which is where my father would have met him. He later went to law school at Harvard and became a lawyer. Virginia Laist Gore, grew up in Anaconda. Her dad was an engineer and manager at the mine. Her mother wrote a travel column in the Anaconda Standard. As an attorney, George Gore first worked with the Los Angeles law firm of O'Melveny & Myers. In 1939, Mr. Gore helped establish Northrop, which grew into a giant military and aerospace firm in southern California. He worked with the company for decades, retiring to Carmel, California, in 1975 as chief counsel and vice president. During his tenure, Gore helped develop laws to deal with the new era of nuclear energy. “It is a wonderful time to be a lawyer,” he told the American Bar Assn. in 1958. “Perhaps never before in the history of the law has so much study and research preceded the establishment of the law itself, and I am sure that the law of atomic hazards will be created in such a way that progress will be encouraged ...” George Gore died of cancer in 1993 at age 81. At the time, Gore was survived by his wife of 55 years, Virginia Laist Gore, a sister, three children, four grandchildren and three great-grandchildren (Ariel, personal communication, September 8, 2018, and Los Angeles Times, July 3, 1993).

Full Size ImagePage 1 of Flight Log Book 1  
  Flight Log Book

Full Size Image"San Francisco, Mr Nicklaus in foreground, 1935(?)"  






Full Size ImageHouse on Hazzard Street in 1936.  
  House on Hazzard Street in 1936.

Full Size ImageAlice Shaw, 1936  
Alice Shaw (Taylor)
1st Cousin of Paul A.

Full Size ImagePaul and Irma on Mother's Day  

Full Size ImagePaul and Irma on Mother's Day  

Full Size Image1936 Ford  
1936 Ford
Drove this car to Montana several times.

Full Size ImageGrandmother Schweich  
Dad, Mother, "Granny"
Grandmother Schweich

Full Size ImagePage 4 of Flight Log
Full Size ImageAirplane that Paul soloed in.  
  Porterfield NC14480
Plane I soloed in

Full Size ImageBus in Colorado  
  June 9, 1936
Changing tires in Colorado prairie

Full Size ImagePorterfield airplane in hanger on way to California  
Porterfield airplane in hanger on way to California

Full Size ImageThree guys at the airport  
  July 1936
Left to Right
Ray Clever
C. R. "Dick" Allen
"Jim" Douglas
Plane Owner
Chief Pilot & Instructor
Womens Attraction and Weed Cutter

Full Size ImageDrigg's Skylarks at Muskegan, Mich.  
  1936, Nov
Drigg's Skylarks at Muskegan, Mich.

Full Size ImageDriggs parts enroute to Van Nuys  
  November 1936
Driggs Skylark tools and parts
on way to Van Nuys






Full Size ImageOlder couple at the house on Hazzard St., July, 1937.  

Full Size ImageOlga Pawluk and her accordian  

Full Size Image"Daddy"  






Full Size ImageBill Mount's Friend  

Full Size ImageChuck Kruse, 1938  
  "Chuck" Kruse
January 4, 1938

Full Size ImageIrma and MeeChee  

Full Size ImageIrma Schweich, 1938  

Full Size ImageIrma Schweich, 1938  

Full Size ImagePaul Jr., Irma, and Paul Sr.  

Full Size ImageThe house on Forest in 1938  
  The house at 74th and Forest in 1938.






Full Size Image"Messrs. Schnitka, Grannick, Call, and Gregorian"  

Full Size ImageBill Mount and Paul Schweich  

Full Size ImageGlendale Airport  
  Glendale Airport -- 1939? Or 1935?

Full Size ImageRobert Shaw with Janice Wilson in 1939.  
  Photograph taken in 1939, per my cousin Marietta.
Robert Shaw, with Janice Wilson.
Print has an Elko border, that may go with other prints with same border.

Full Size ImageLydia at the 1939 Baptist Convention
Full Size ImageAnna Korolewicz and Peter Pawluk at the 1939 Baptist Convention
Full Size ImageBaptist Convention 1939  

Full Size ImageWedding of Olga Pawluk and Ivan Bell  
  July 29, 1939: Wedding of Ivan Bell and Olga Pawluk
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